Various Artists “Rare Youth” 2CD compilation

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Featuring over two hours of music and spread out over thirty-eight tracks, Rare Youth brings together some of the most exciting artists at work in Providence right now: Work/Death, Kites, Black Pus, Xerxes, heart2heart, Russian Tsarcasm, Blue Shift, Lazy Magnet, Byron House, Teenage Waistband, Black Forest/Black Sea, Unicorn Hard-on, Synb, Leif Goldberg, Siege Engine, Lucky Dragons and many many more.

Sequenced to highlight the great diversity of musical stylings in this small town, this cd takes you on a smooth ride down the many colorful roads of: power pop psych noise, abandoned dronescapes, reckless free improvisation, emo power electronics, late night elven dance music, epic psych rock, shredded throat guitar doom, john carpenter-esque synth despair, witty no-fi punkish noise, genuine teenage love songs, total garbage, marching bands, etc. etc.

With the attention that Providence has received for being a hub of louder-than-life, experimental music / art, this compilation tries to provide an updated snapshot of the current (circa 2006) subterranean goings-on…

Hand-packaged in a double-cd gatefold sleeve, with original illustrations and design by Christopher Forgues (CF). Edition of 1000, these are the last copies.

Click below to listen to “Gravedigger” by Haunted House.

All prices include shipping.

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Here’s the entirety of a set I played the other night, October 15th, at 891 N. Main St. in Providence. It was for an art show curated by the wonderful folks at RK Projects here in town, who’ve been putting on great pop-up gallery shows in temporarily unused spaces throughout the city. This show is titled Palimpsestic.

Was really happy w/ this one – partly due to the positive vibes and the great open sound of the space. And it didn’t hurt that I got to play after Scott Reber (Work/Death), who had this massive portable speaker array that perfumed the party w/ that wonderful burnt speaker cone incense.

In keeping w/ the theme of the exhibit, this piece is for live electric guitar w/ accompanying tapes of guitar improvisations from 2007, tapes of banjo from this summer, and tapes of percussion from Eli Keszler circa 2005. “Scraped clean and used again”…

The above image is a detail from one of Matthew Underwood’s pieces in the exhibit.

I guess we share a certain fondness for prisms.

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