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* RY-31 Larry Marshall “Queer And Wonder” LP

vinyl Edition of 300 – outsider futuristic folk music from native RI’er, collecting some of the choice nuggets from Larry’s home archives. Artwork/design by CF, and funded by a Rhode Island State Council of the Arts grant. A truly special record !!!

* RY-30 Keith Fullerton Whitman “Hallicrafters/10 Poke” C36

In a way, this tape – along w/ a few others around this time – marks a shift in KFW’s output.. showcasing a more conceptual approach to raw modular synthesis, in this case using an old Hallicrafters short-wave radio as a source / ignition point for some hi-paced electronic wizardry. Remarkably – although KFW fans will not be surprised – always maintaining a wonderful musicality along w/ the head-scratching technical gymnastics.

* RY-29 Pak “Scented Glove” C30

Brief RI resident Lauren Pakradooni was here long enough for lots of us to develop quite an infatuation w/ her “Pak” project.. somehow finding that perfect balance between noise, tape music, and concrete poetry – delivered in true New England style! this tape was designed be CF and silk-screened by Pak, one of my faves.

* RY-28 Plane “Kremlin” C20

Flat-out beautiful guitar music from Phil Ochs and Evan Miller – recorded in the pastoral environs of Iowa City. I will never get sick of listening to this music, just when I thought it wasn’t possible to hear a new take on an essentially traditional guitar-duo.. first time I heard this music was as a soundtrack to Super 8 films. very wonderful American instrumental music, will always put a smile on my face.

* RY-27 (d)(b)(h) “Not All Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” C40

Wild-and-woolly free-music collective from Middle America, barely contained by ringleader Justin Rhody, of Friends and Relatives fame. lots of different configurations found here, somehow never falling into any of the normally charted territories.. Wish there were more bands like this!

* RY-26 Morgan Egg “Slave to God” C20

* RY-25 Northern Cross “S/T” C40

Ghostly recordings of the “original” NC line-up (bringing Chris Moon of Last Visible Dog into the mix). Recorded in a now-defunct practice space in Olneyville, RI. nothing like the mammoth “Shitty Madrigals” set, this is much more mysterious and owing to a truly bent fidelity that is equal parts malfunction and calculation.

* RY-24 Morgan Egg “Columns In The Sun” C12

As “New Age” as Egg could possibly get, somehow containing bits of hope amidst the usual ambient decay and static wash. perhaps a bit like an Egyptian drum circle. Still firmly rooted in “letting the tape play”…

* RY-22 Mark Lord “Metallic Picture: 1/2 Live” C30

Propulsive mixed-live and studio tape from CF’s Mark Lord project, filled w/ what we know and love about the ML sound — Alesis HR-16 and home-built synthesizer, performed w/ style and swagger!

* RY-21 Geoff Mullen “Spring Beach Of Depression” C36

A strange entry in the GM catalog – perhaps owing to a bit of physical dislocation. This contains the only recordings from a brief stint living in Pittsburgh, PA. a mixture of improvisations for Yamaha CS-50 and the usual bits of guitar, banjo, hand-percussion, and deep reverb. Bart de Paepe (of Sloow Tapes) makes an appearance on a home-made Gamelan-type drum made from old gas tanks. Recorded in the basement of the Morning Glory Coffeehouse (RIP).

* RY-20 Make A New Memory “Volume One” C40

Ah, the elusive duo of Geoff Mullen (electric guitar) and Sakiko Mori (Juno 60). the exact conditions that made this tape possible will probably never be replicated — which is sad, as it’s one of my favorite tapes in this catalog. Recorded in one day at local RI lawyer’s Okie St. venue (RIP), using a borrowed guitar and two locally made, hand-wired tube amps of the highest order – “Volume 1” captures this duo at its peak!

* RY-19 New Russians “Out of the Blue” 2xC18 white cassette album

nice, small edition housed in recycled white-vinyl cassette boxes – containing the only recordings of this short-lived duo.. amplified small instruments, sampler, slow’n and throw’n cassette tapes – all performed live at the Halloween Iron Pour at the Steelyard in Providence, RI. performed under the influence of home-made Mead and assorted ghouls..

* RY-18 Emaciator “Secondary” C24

creeping drones from Jon Borges’s Emaciator project, signaling a change from the more PE style favored in the early Pedestrian Deposit releases – listening to this now shows the transition from Jon’s mastery of that style thru this more “drone” approach, heading towards the micro-acoustic detail of his more recent work.

* RY-17 Alberich “Heat Death 2” C30

2nd and final (?!) installation of the Heat Death series – Kris Lapke’s homage of sorts to the cassette culture of the classic English noise and PE scene. always great, somehow mixing rhythmic propulsion w/ cosmic noise and ambience, performed w/ a Korg modeling synth and a long, cheap pedal chain – yes please!

* RY-16 Pro Bro Dog / Lazy Magnet – split C32

barely existing edition, released for a duo tour. Brandon’s “Pro Bro Dog” project was a few years ahead of the current (is it still going on?) wave of neo-House / noise one-man-bands. despite my reluctance to hope on board w/ a lot of this stuff, Brandon’s music always hit a chord – reminds me a bit of Justin Timberlake, in the best possible way. the Lazy Magnet side gives us a slowly-unfurling improvisation for Roland Juno 60, recorded at home on Smith Hill in Providence.

* RY-14 Geoff Mullen “Static Dreams” C20

Here’s one of the only GM tapes to document a few years of experimentation w/ drum machines, using layers of off-tempo beats to create slowly phasing patterns, w/ overdubs of tenor banjo and electronics.

* RY-13 Geoff Mullen “Gathered In The Ruins” C20

* RY-12 Ten Thousand Things “s/t” C20

First release from the on-again/off-again duo of Geoff Mullen and Scott Reber (Work/Death), recorded in GM’s home-studio circa 2008. Garbage drones abound, finding the balance between non-playing and playing.. using electric bass, midi-controlled keyboard, field recordings, disconnected cables, etc.

* RY-11 Russian Tsarlag / Blue Shift split LP

One of the more ambitious releases on Rare Youth – and another one funded by RISCA. Hoping to begin a series of split LP’s by local artists that combined music and visual art, these two artists were commissioned to create a side each as well as compile a collaborative zine of drawings and illustrations. The finished product is a gorgeous, handmade LP w/ letter-pressed covers – on green vinyl and w/ hand-sewn zines of original artwork by Carlos Gonzales and Cybele Collins. Even the Beach Boys cover was properly licensed! In a perfect world, I would spend all my time putting out records like this! (donors please get in touch)

* RY-10 Eli Keszler “Livingston” LP

Eli’s first LP! This album was recorded after Eli graduated from the New England Conservatory and relocated to Livingston, NY in the Hudson Valley. After refining his style and formidable chops @ school, Eli began to flesh out his compositional ideas – surely inspired by composers like Kagel and Scelsi, yet retaining a fiery commitment to instrumental improvisation, “Livingston” marked an important moment for Eli. Assimilating the motorik frenzy of Red Horse, this album introduces the use of struck electric guitars and hinted at the installation-based work that has defined his recent work.

* RY-09 Superior Human Vomit (SHV) “Endless Love” C45

In my opinion, this is the definitive recording of SHV – i think there was something magical happening during the time of its recording. Recorded over the course of a year at Bad Times (RIP), mostly on borrowed-instruments that were in various states of disrepair. Extremely hard music to fake, this tape has been at the top of my “reissue as LP” list for awhile now. So good.

* RY-08 Buddyship “Untitled / Way Down To Florida” C40

Live sets by the trio version of Buddyship – featuring Jeremy Harris (Lazy Magnet), Jeff Hartford (Noise Nomads), and Adam Taber (AT). a sort of best-of-the-best live sets while touring South, headed towards the infamous INC fest in Miami. To those who were lucky enough to see this band as often as I was, you know exactly why they are so special..

* RY-07 Lazy Magnet “…Is Music Even Good?” C41 (tour only)

Completely epic album.. a crime that it hasn’t made Lazy Magnet a household name. This is a pre-LP version that I released for a Lazy Magnet tour. the official record is on Corleone Records, also here in PVD. Contains some of the best pop songs of this generation? — and, fuck, the production on this record is just insane. Listen to the sound sample, people! Who does this kind of shit? I mean, a fucking Country & Western homage to the masters of Sci-Fi?..w/ the most insane feedback break? WTF…I give up…Jeremy should be teaching Music Production classes at some University by now..and this University should be teaching children how to overthrow the US Government.

* RY-05/6 Morgan Egg “My Time In Italy” 2xC20

inaugural release of this GM pseudonym side-project, conceived as a sort of imaginary figure in exile somewhere in Italy, perhaps disfigured by an unknown industrial pollutant. a series of miniatures focused on a variety of small electronic improvisations and automatic processes – the perfect walk-around-the-city w/ your cassette walkman tape.

* RY-04 Alberich “Heat Death” C30

First tape in the “Heat Death” series, claiming as inspiration the namesake Cosmic phenomenon of Heat Death and mixing this w/ an infatuation of Broken Flag-era private electronics. I have always favored this era of Alberich, there’s something very pure and investigative about it – w/ plenty of crunch and grime to please the noise-obsessed.

* RY-03 Northern Cross “Shitty Madrigal” triple cassette box – 2xC68 + C81

Epic set of cosmic guitar noise, executed by Kris Lapke and Geoff Mullen (on alternating “rhythm” and “lead” guitar duties). Over 3 hours of music! all recorded live – unedited – on 3 consecutive Sunday mornings at the AS220 in Providence, RI. I remember lots of the drug-addled Empire St. weirdos putting their faces up to the glass to see what was causing all this rumbling @ 10 am on a peaceful Church morning. The purest Northern Cross recordings – 2 electric guitars, 2 mic’d Peavey Rages, 1 PA system, 2 stereo mics, and a cassette 4-track. Would love to have this permanently available from the site…

* RY-02 Various Artists “Rare Youth” 2xCD compilation

Sprawling 2CD compilation of Providence music circa 2006. Many of these artists have now flown the coop. A nice snap-shot of a particularly fruitful moment in the city – albeit most definitely post-Fort Thunder and at a time when most of the venues were drying up. But happily pre-Twitter and social media, when people still actually hung up fliers for shows! Art / Design by CF, and generously funded by a Rhode Island State Council on the Arts grant.

* RY-01 Geoff Mullen “A Rip in the Fabric” 7-inch

Handmade “Tax Return” 7-inch of two solo electric guitar improvisations.
First foray into vinyl for Rare Youth…

* RY-00 Geoff Mullen “Grass Clippings” C47

Actually a pre-Rare Youth release – – recorded when I first moved to Providence in 2004. All-live improvisations direct to cassette deck, w/ guitars, banjos, feedback loops, etc.

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